Those Who Go, 250 x 65cm, Plexiglass Sandwich, 2013 
We go to jobs we don’t like, commute during rush hour with the military discipline of ants automated to work. We repeat this routine more often than we want to. The capitalist system mechanizes us, regardless of our human needs, and promises us to give back our commoditized natural rights in return for our labor. 
This photography series aims to question the reality everybody is aware of, but simply tries to ignore. 
A quote by Maxim Gorky sheds light on this project:

“The stillborn children of all the dead cities who go to work every morning unaware of their destination, leaving work every evening unaware of where they are leaving, living unloved lives, living with unloved people, passing through life carrying not a sign of love or dislike of life because of the crowds, entering the four walls of a home as if entering a tomb, spending the nights alone beneath a quilt of despair or accompanied by a stranger’s body lying next to them! It is the capitalist ruling class that has prepared this dead life, and this cruel game will continue to exist as long as you let it.”
Those Who Wait, 250 x 65cm, Plexiglass Sandwich, 2013 
Those Who Revolve, 187 x 75cm, Plexiglass Sandwich, 2013 
Those Who Come, 187 x 75cm, Plexiglass Sandwich, 2013 
Details from the "Those Who Go"
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